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Turn Bio Links into a Marketing Powerhouse

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Consolidate Your Online Presence

Your Digital Universe in a Single Click
Create a comprehensive bio link page that holds all your important links. Get around the "one link" limitation on platforms like Instagram with ease.
Streamlined Navigation for Your Audience
Direct your followers to exactly where you want them to go - be it your latest blog post, a new product, or your other social media platforms.

Transform Your Links for Greater Impact

Refined URLs for Better Engagement
Shorten your URLs with MojoKeys Link to make them more appealing and user-friendly, ultimately leading to increased click-through rates.
Optimized Links for SEO and Tracking
With MojoKeys Link, your shortened URLs aren't just clean - they're primed for better search engine optimization and tracking.

Bridging the Offline and Online Worlds

Scan to Access: Quick, Easy, Efficient
Generate custom QR codes for instant access to your content. MojoKeys Link offers a perfect tool for seamless offline-to-online marketing transitions.
A Touch of Personalization in Your Marketing
Incorporate your custom QR codes into your promotional materials for a unique touch to your marketing strategy.

Insights to Power Your Strategy

Drive Decisions with Data
Access in-depth analytics with MojoKeys Link to understand your audience's behaviour better, and use these insights to enhance your social media strategy.
Make Every Click Count
Know which links are performing well and which ones need improvement. Optimize your strategy with MojoKeys Link and make the most out of every click.

Unleash Your Brand Personality

Custom Backgrounds
Tailor the look of your bio link page with custom backgrounds. Make a compelling visual impression that resonates with your brand.
Custom Branding
Add your brand logo, colors, and more. Ensure a consistent brand experience across all your digital touchpoints.
DoFollow Links
Enhance your SEO efforts with DoFollow links. Improve your website's ranking and visibility in search engine results.
Leap Link
Have an important link you want to highlight? Use our Leap Link feature to bring it to the forefront.
SEO Features
Take advantage of our SEO features to improve your ranking on search engines, driving more traffic to your page.
Custom CSS & JS
Customize your bio link page down to the last detail with our custom CSS and JS features. Let your creativity shine.
Link Scheduling & Limiter
Schedule your links to go live at specific times and limit access when needed. Stay in control of your content distribution.
UTM Parameters
Implement UTM parameters to your links. Measure the success of your marketing efforts and gain insights into your audience's behaviour.

Dashboard to Monitor Your Link Performance

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Why choose  MojoKeys Link?

Discover the Ultimate Control of Your Online Presence
Features included :
Personalized Bio Link Pages
Customizable QR Codes
Extensive Brand Customization
Detailed Link Analytics
Advanced Scheduling and Link Limiting
Multifaceted Content Embedding
Other Softwares
Features included :
Limited Customization Options
Inadequate Analytics
Fewer Embed Options
No Advanced Scheduling
Limited Link Limiting
Lack of Personalized Bio Link Pages
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Frequently asked  questions

Can I create multiple bio link pages with MojoKeys Link?

Absolutely. MojoKeys Link allows you to create multiple bio link pages, each with its unique set of links. You can even customize each page according to your branding needs.

Is it possible to schedule links with MojoKeys Link?

Yes, MojoKeys Link allows you to schedule links to ensure they go live at your desired time.

Can I collect payment via MojoKeys Link?

Yes, MojoKeys Link integrates with PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to collect money directly via your bio link page.

Does MojoKeys Link offer analytics?

Yes. MojoKeys Link comes with an advanced analytics feature, allowing you to track clicks, visitor locations, device types, and more.

How does MojoKeys Link enhance SEO?

MojoKeys Link enables you to add SEO features such as dofollow links and UTM parameters, which can improve search engine visibility and track marketing campaigns more effectively.

Can I integrate MojoKeys Link with other platforms?

Definitely. MojoKeys Link supports integration with Facebook and Google Pixels, as well as custom domains.

Looking for Effective Link Management?

With MojoKeys Link, handling multiple links across various social media platforms becomes a hassle-free process. Whether it's tracking, organizing, or optimizing links, MojoKeys Link is the solution. Start your free trial now and discover the power of efficient link management.
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