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1. Unified Publishing Dashboard

All-in-One Dashboard

Manage all your social media platforms in one place. Schedule posts, track performance, and maintain a uniform brand voice across all channels without switching between different tools.
Time Savings
2. Interactive Scheduling Calendar

Interactive Calendar

Use our visual calendar to plan out your content strategy, schedule posts in advance, and make adjustments on the fly as your marketing needs evolve.
Plan Visibility
3. Smart Automation

Automate and Relax

Set up your posts to go live at the best times for engagement. MojoKeys’ automation tools ensure you never miss prime posting windows, maximizing your content’s reach and impact.
Engagement Boost

Integrated with all your  social media

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Frequently asked  questions

How does scheduling help improve my social media strategy?

Scheduling ensures your content reaches your audience when they are most active, increasing engagement and giving you time to focus on other strategic activities.

What platforms can I manage with MojoKeys?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, X (Twitter), Youtube, Mastodon.

How can I ensure my posts are consistent across all platforms?

You simply have to select the platforms that you would like to post a specific content, then you can preview it and also see the result after the post.

Can I reschedule posts after setting them up?

Yes, our interactive calendar makes it easy to drag and drop posts to new dates and times, giving you full flexibility over your content schedule.

Does MojoKeys offer tools for time optimization?

Absolutely, our platform analyzes your audience’s engagement patterns and suggests the optimal times to post for maximum interaction.

Is there a limit of posts that I can schedule?

You only have a limit of 100 posts per month in the Creator plan. Besides this plan, it is unlimited

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